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How much does your logo impact your business? As a graphics designer, over time, I've found that it is not the logo design that sells the products but there are many small parts that must be working behind the scenes to help increase business.

In the beginning of my design business I can admit that I was one that thought if you had a solid and impressionable design alone, whether it's logos or even websites, you'll generate sells. I didn't completely think that the design was the only thing that would drive the sell but I did consider it as a strong tool. After years of observing responses to my own and fellow business' brands, services and products I can honestly say (NO CLICHE) that it is you, your quality of service and your consistency as a business owner that will grow your sells and your brand regardless of what your logo or website looks like.

Why a logo?
Logos have their place and that is, for brand identity. Think of your logo design as your business' individual fingerprint. If you didn't have a way for your growing customer base or client list to recognize you, they will easily flock to another brand they can recognize.

With everything being said, the impact a logo design has on your sells isn't great but the impact that it has on your brand's recognition is major. So as you share your products or services remember to share your logo on them as well but it's you and your actions within your business that will keep customers happy and keep the sells rolling in regardless.

-Monica Mize
Your Personal Go-To Designer


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