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As of April 21st Google announced via their blog that they will begin indexing and ranking search results based on websites that are mobile friendly. Per Google's blog they are trying to keep up with and follow the high demands of mobile users. This means that it's possible that if your website isn't mobile friendly when someone via mobile is searching a keyword that's relevant to your website, you may not rank over someone who is mobile friendly.

HOW CAN THIS AFFECT YOU: As of right now if your mobile website is disabled this allows your website to be seen in its entirety having the same appearance on both desktop and mobile versions.

With this new change from Google if you'd like to make sure your website ranks when others are searching keywords that are relevant to your business, brand or cause I can enable your mobile site for you but keep in mind that mobile sites and your actual website design will then vary per device.

I've found that changing some websites over to mobile will also require changes on the desktop version of the website as well. A lot of website builders have automatically generated mobile websites which pushes your desktop design into a suppressed mobile version which leaves the information jumbled causing it not to be easily readable. I've found the best way around this is to adjust the desktop version design.

WORRY FREE TIP: Another alternative to enabling your mobile version is to use blogs and other mobile friendly websites to promote your business. Personally, this is the route I will be taking for my own websites and business. If you use websites such as Blogger, Wordpress or even forum sites these websites will still rank perfectly with Google automatically. I will be blogging about my businesses on other platforms that are already mobile friendly this way my audience/consumers will easily be able to click my links to go to my website if they did find my blog post or promotion on Google's search engine-It's a WIN WIN! I've always been a hater of mobile sites and prefer not to use them even when I'm on websites other than my own but I would understand if you decide you'd like to enable yours to keep up with the forever growing trend of Google.

CONTACT ME: Please feel free to contact me about enabling your mobile friendly website. I'm charging just $35 for existing customers and $55 for new customers who currently have websites with mobile features. I will enable mobile sites and make necessary changes to your desk-top version that will give your mobile site the best browsing experience for your visitors. E-mail me at: And remember if you'd like to keep your website visible on mobile as is, just use other mobile friendly sites to raise awareness about your business, brand or cause using rich keywords to promote your business and you'll continue to come out on top! Have a fabulous day -Monica Mize
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