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Are you a start up business that seems to be putting out more money than you're actually making? Have you been putting out money towards products and services that you thought would help you generate more income but they have not?


When I first started my business back in 2011 I can admit that I had not really considered or weighed the full responsibility, discipline, consistency and persistence it really took to actually make a sell. As a start-up business at the time I wasted a lot of time and money investing in things that I didn't need or I wasn't ready to handle at the time.


If I couldn't sell that one cute, awesome pair of hand-made earrings, it didn't matter how many other cool products I purchased, the issue was my selling. So what I'd do was sit back and say "This isn't selling because it isn't good enough.” that was far from the truth. So then what I'd do is purchase more items hoping it would just sell itself but once again I'd be left with more on the shelf and no sell-why? When you're a business, especially an online business, you can't just post a product and expect for the world to see it. With all of the competition and the billions of websites online today promotion and engagement is the key to making the sell. If no one knows about you, if you're not telling anyone, NO your websites and products aren't being seen. Unless you've invested money into someone who can join your marketing team to actually run targeted marketing campaigns and create strong keyword based content which helps your SEO, you're going to have to step up and work as hard as you can to generate traffic and awareness of your products, services and brand or like me in the beginning of my business, you'll just have products and services sitting there waiting for someone to hear about and see.


When you're starting your business it's important to understand your business' immediate needs. These are the tools you absolutely need to get started. When your business starts to grow and you start to generate sells your needs will also grow but for now, in the beginning, you need to focus on those needs that will simply help you GET STARTED.

Start-Up Questions:

What are you selling?

Will you carry inventory?

Will you sell online?

How will you promote?

How will you engage?

How will your customers recognize you?

Who is your customer? What's the age range of your customer?

Are your customers local or worldwide?

If you are shipping products what shipping company will you use to ship?

When you're starting a business the first steps and the first investments are the most important. As an entrepreneur and someone who values their business I make sure that all of my customers understand what they need and what we can hold off on until later as their business grows. As much as selling anything and everything, even if someone doesn't need it, sounds like a great bid I know all too well what it's like to have a lot of stuff just sitting around that I haven't sold and that I didn't need. With that said I'd also like to add to my suggestion that as a business owner you focus on the quality of your business. The quality of your business is important especially to your customers and especially if you want to grow a repeat customer base.

Now that you're here and I have your wheels turning on how you can start and grow your business wisely by understand your immediate needs I'd like to offer my services and time to you. If you're in the process of starting a business and you'd like to receive an e-mail package of services that are immediate to the needs of start-ups please E-MAIL/CONTACT ME (Monica Mize) TODAY! Leave me a detailed message about your business and your immediate goals and I'll put together a package for you FREE! (Note: This package consists of services such as hosting, logo design, website design, e-commerce, promotion etc. This package does not include any legal advice or legal information that pertains to starting a business.)

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