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The ideal website design and creative process whether business or personal comes down to your website speaking the language and representing the message and attitude of your products or services. Over the years as a graphics designer I've been asked by some clients to keep their designs simple while another client may want bolder colors, bigger fonts etc. Understanding what you're offering and knowing what you'd like to convey to your customers or audience is key to a smooth and creative design process between you and your designer.

What makes for a good graphics designer?

It is important to work with a designer who will take the time out to understand your design needs and goals. Some designers prefer not to give their clients any creative say while others like myself take pride in listening for specifics from our clients that will help us deliver a product that our clients will be satisfied with and be enthusiastic to share with their customers, family, friends and peers.  

It is important that you love what is made public to represent you. Never settle for something just because you're afraid you're driving your designer crazy with too many revamps. If you really don't like a design submitted as a finished product it is best to express why you don't like it and how it can be made more suitable to represent you to your designer. 

Put some faith and trust in your designer's skills! 

I've mentioned that it is important that you make sure that your finished design is a design you'd love to share and that is ideal for your brand. To add a little balance to everything I've stated above, it is also important to put some faith and trust in your designer's skills. As designers we are here to expand upon, enhance and bring to life your ideas and your brand; we have certain skills and a creative eye that helps us to do just that for you. It is the designer's job to not only deliver a design that's satisfying but to make sure that your design is formatted and laid out masterfully. We pay attention to details you'll never consider and we know what helps capture attention. It is important to also understand why your designer made certain decisions during the design process before counting it as rebelling against your ideas. Clear communication and understanding of each other's goals makes the creative process fun, informative and valuable.

Technically speaking-

Your designer should also hold some knowledge in industry trends such as what helps your website rank and also giving you ideas on what helps generate traffic to your investment and more.

-Your Personal Go-To Designer, Monica Mize


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