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As a website designer I use to and still love getting creative and even sometimes complex with my designs but over time and more recently I've come to realize that although YES, a website full of pictures, colors and cool features has its place, it is more important to have a website where your visitors can navigate and understand the reason why they are on your website in the first place. Simply put I've learned that SIMPLE is BEST! If you're really looking to reach more customers or build and audience it is very important that your website design is clean vs. cluttered, easy to navigate vs.  hide and seek, worth time vs. waste of time. Immediately when a visitor/potential customer types in your URL there should be something on the home page that tells them about you, your content, your business and your products.

What is the purpose of your website?

  • If to sell products, make those products the focus of your website along with information as to why your visitors should purchase from you.
  • If to promote your videos/tutorials make it easy for your visitors to begin watching your videos and even subscribe to stay up-to date with your latest.
  • If to engage/start conversations make sure that starting a conversation is the easiest thing to start doing when visitors access your website.


Remove anything that is not needful. What isn't needful? I'd say anything that doesn't aid towards the overall goal/purpose of the website; I call them fillers. Fillers are things we like on our website for looks but really they don't serve any purpose. Fillers are often confusing and they clutter the website which eventually prompts the visitor to leave because they don't understand or can't find what they are looking for.


Why is it that simplicity scares most people? If something comes to easy or if getting from point A to B is that simple people think there has to be something lurking around the corner ready to consume them. Honestly I've found out more recently that it was my need to be so complex and complicated that was complicating things. Having a simple website that is focused strictly on your purpose and goals can do nothing but help you in the long run. Don't be afraid to remove those things that don't belong, don't be afraid to appear a little PLAIN JANE because PLAIN JANE explains things better and usually gets straight to the point which is the whole point of a simpler design which passes off everything your visitors need and everything you need to succeed and nothing more.

WEBSITE CLEAN-UP: I offer an awesome website clean-up service; I will help you eliminate useless fillers and organize your current content to help aid towards the purpose and goal of your website. Through this service I'll evaluate your website to let you know exactly what you'll need to meet your goals. Contact me for a free consultation today and let's simplify but magnify your website for increased targeted results.

Monica Mize

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