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As I write this, I am empowered by the lessons that I've learned through various experiences recently. As an event and conference host, most times we have a vision but we don't always have all the answers. Don't miss that!! As visionaries, our minds tend to go a mile a minute or faster and we are constantly trying to bring the pieces together. Well, here is a lesson that I don't think I'll have to learn again. You are not alone! You may have the vision but it doesn't mean you HAVE to have all the answers or know the direction of every piece. There are people in your life who can help you bring the pieces together, IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO.  

Here is where I want to get into my topic! 

A few weeks ago, I contacted my graphics designer about a new project I wanted US to work on. I went so far as to send her a "sample" of what I THOUGHT I wanted and needed for this project to be a success. In my mind, I thought, I'm helping. This will make the process smoother and we can get moving toward opening registration.

Well guess what happened. This is where I learned the power of my professional designer.The process was smooth. We got the conference registration open and then what happened? NOTHING! No oooh, no ahhhs, and NO registration. SAY WHAT? It's a returning conference. People know what it's about. NOTHING! 

I posted "my" flyer on social media and began sending it out to my mailing list. Why do I call it "my" flyer? Because the first flyer, yes the first one, was exactly what I sent her. She wanted to make sure that I, as the client, was satisfied. So she created me a flyer almost identical to what I sent her, with the hopes that her client would love it. Well, I didn't "love" it but I did LIKE it alot. Why? Because it was what I sent her. Now isn't that ironic that the thing I thought would help and the thing I thought I'd love turned out to be something I just liked a lot and was okay with. 

So let's be real about this. What did I really do? I really tied my designers hands and stifled her creativity. Because I felt like I needed to have all the answers and I needed to be able to provide all the guidance, I hindered her from providing a quality, signature flyer like she'd done in the past.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever felt like everything was on your shoulders and all of the decisions had to be made by you? Have you ever allowed that to stifle someone else who could have helped you the FIRST TIME AROUND?

Let me share with you what else happen as a result of "my" flyer. I received some feedback from those who are a part of the conference and those who aren't. The feed back that helped me the absolute most was this: "Please don't be offended but Ms. LaTrice you went down in the quality of your advertisement flyer- why? I'm coming this year but not based on your flyer because it says NOTHING especially comparing it to the last two I've seen."  And there was my answer to the NOTHING that happened when registration opened! I had my hands in it. I thought I knew what was best in this design process despite the fact that my best designs come from Canva! Laugh out loud! No, seriously, laugh! But when I received this feedback it was help to me.

So here's my response - You know you're absolutely right. I tied my designers hands with "my design" instead of letting God be God and her be her. She gave me "what I asked for" and God let her. Sometimes God will give you just what you THINK you need or want to show you that it's NOT! I'm okay with that! Lesson learned!! 

The power in my professional designer is that people were looking for that same quality, that same wow factor and that same level of excellence. Instead they got "my' little design creation as I call it. I caused my own flyer to not live up to what the brand truly represents.

My professional designer used her God given insight to create and supply a product for us that spoke to the very core of our mission. It spoke without us having to speak. And with my "pickiness" and "got to have all the answers", I silenced what was already speaking for us. Clearly the message was relayed because someone remembered not one but both of the previous event flyers. 

I encourage you to utilize the gift of those God has put in your life! They are there for a reason. Your designer may not get it 100% right every time but trust the person that they are and the relationship that you've built. When you have someone who is working for the good of you and your business, event, ministry, etc- learn to trust their work and trust their track record! 

Your design could make something happen for you or it could cause nothing to happen for you. Your design will cause people to see that you and your organization are growing and increasing your momentum OR it can cause them to question - WHY NOT? 

Don't let what you THINK outweigh what your designer KNOWS! Invest in the power of your professional designer! I have and my new flyer is on the way! 

P.S. I have attached my first two flyers and my third flyer so that you can SEE for yourself how the power of your professional designer can work for you! 

10603499_396293007189234_2461441895352319566_n.jpg NoMoreDramaSB.jpg 14358928_10210629160709626_855511737999403620_n.jpg     

LaTrice Williams
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