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You know what I find to be a funny thing? When it comes to ranking in search engines most of the time the only one many are fighting to rank on is Google and for good reason. Google is one of the top if not THE TOP search engine out there but they are far from being the only search engine. Internet users are using other well known search engines every day such as Yahoo, Bing... WOW I honestly can't think of any others [frown] so let me change my statement. The only three search engines I've been known to use is GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING and the only reason why I know about BING is because of their commercials comparing them to Google but I honestly can count on one hand how many times I've done a search on BING and I only use YAHOO to catch up on trending news but I rarely search for anything on YAHOO. I'm a firm believer that just because I'm not doing it doesn't mean it's not being done. With that being said, on my road to better and higher rankings I'm wondering if paying more attention to other search engines out there will also help gain better results when it comes to generating traffic. In my logic I'd say YES, it does. I respect Google and use their search engine the most but there are other internet users using other search engines. I've also found that my websites and blogs come up on top pages faster on other search engines than they do Google. Although other search engines charge for advertising I've found that ranking on Google is a fight against those who are also paying money to promote.

TIPS: I've found that the best way to work on ranking your websites and other information is to study the setup of that particular search engine. If they have information on how you can rank better with them it's best to become versed with that information and keep up with their changes being made.

When it came down to blogging I was such a rebel, always against using trending keywords but the whole point of TRENDING is the fact that it's at the time a highly searched topic. I've found that going after trending keywords has its benefits and that has helped me rank. Often times I find myself looking for something that could possibly start trending but in that you have to catch it right when it happens. It's such a fun thing to do because you never quite know how the cards will fall. One time I did a review of a show right after the final, posted it on YouTube before it really started trending and I am right now well over 40,000 views on it and had over 10,000 in less than 2 weeks. This being done on the first YouTube channel I'd actually put effort into growing. I haven't hit that mark since then but I have been trying and will focus more on catching a trend at the beginning. If you go this route I'd say following things you're passionate about. Following trends you don't like can be a bit boring and it can also cause you to lose interest and not put out work that could set you apart from your competition. 

Patience & Research: I've found that ranking takes patience and often times a lot of research. I've watched individuals grow their audiences by taking the time out to pay attention to some of the most tedious details that range from keyword research to the best websites to promote.

Is ranking important? YES! Why? It is a way for others to find you without you actually having to spend all day trying to tell them who you are and what you do. If you can get something to rank in search engines based on keywords relevant to your business, brand or cause (on the first page being the goal) you'll gain constant traffic with little to no effort beyond working hard to rank.

What are some of your ranking practices that you'd like to share?  

-Monica Mize
Your Personal Go-To Designer

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