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Can you think of three businesses you like/love and why?

  1. You could like/love them because you believe in the products.
  2. You could like/love them because you trust those who represent the company.
  3. OR You could like/love them because they simply provide what you need.

There are many reasons why we decide to give our business to a company, one of those reasons usually leading to the root of the business which is, THE LANGUAGE. In recent news I've seen where some well known individuals have attempted to sell products to their consumers using the on a need to know basis approach or flat out deception. Little do these individuals know, the trust of the consumer is the key to good business and repeat business. I see companies deal in dirty business all the time and yes they make money but at the end of the day they don't really scale their business to their highest potential of success because they lose customers just as quick as they gain them.

The problem I've seen amongst some companies is the fact that they assume their customers are stupid, that they will believe whatever they are told. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having wit and creativity when it comes to promoting your business, this is good and useful but make sure you keep in mind that consumers are smart and they know what they want; not in all cases but in more cases than some companies would like to give consumers credit for. What does this mean? This means-treat your customers with respect and hold your business to a standard of integrity. Make sure that your business speaks a language that your consumers will enjoy, trust in and rely on to deliver what they are paying their hard earned dollar for. Top companies are working hard to do this every day. Although none of us are perfect, this is true; we can do our best to make sure customer experiences are as pleasant, informative and smooth as possible. Make your business language the best language you can deliver!

My three favorite businesses: (Order is not significant, I'm just writing them as I think of them.)

(1.) The Dollar Tree: I don't know if every state/city has a DOLLAR TREE but if you don't you're missing out! I am thrilled at the fact that every time I step into this place whatever item I pick up to purchase is just $1.00. It's a brilliant business model and you wouldn't believe how I've decorated my home with DOLLAR TREE products that no one would even consider was just a buck! I love THAT! Their business model has stayed the same and they have even stepped it up to offer quality products for $1.00 knocking the whole "You get what you pay for." out the window.

(2.) McDonald's: Although I don't eat at McDonald's on a regular or any restaurant for that matter because I'm a COOK AT HOME kind of person, I admire those behind McDonald's products, branding and marketing. McDonald's has taken some hits over the years including the documentary 'SUPER SIZE ME' that could have very well taken them out as a business but someone in the background refused to quit and refused to go down without a fight bringing McDonald's to a responsible and healthier reply to an obvious competitor hit on their business. I'll always admire their fight as a fast food chain and their willingness to adjust their business model to simply make the statement "WE'RE HERE! WE'RE STAYING!"

(3.) Vistaprint: I have been a fan of Visitprint as a company for several years now. I admire the simplicity of their product selection and how they stick by what they offer not trying to carry everything. Also when you check out Vistaprint's reviews, anytime a negative or low score comment is made there is always someone from the Vistaprint team responding to those comments to assist customers with order and product correction.

These are just a few examples of businesses that work hard to render the best business language/practices for their brand and their consumers. What are some of your favorite companies and why? Please feel free to comment I'd love to hear about them! -Monica Mize


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