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Recently I had a slight change of heart about Google's updates and plans for ranking based on mobile friendly sites. While my opinions of most mobile website generators are still the same-which is-I don't like the way they look or the fact that what you change on your mobile website will also change on the desktop version. Since the news that Google will change the way we rank, with mobile friendly websites playing a huge factor, I have went back and forth over my current website, one of which I was paying $29.00 a month for, for the e-commerce feature especially. With that said I had a lot of issues with my current host, too many to be paying $29.00 a month for. In my search of a better way to rank my website and establish better e-commerce practices and features I decided to move my website and redesign it on the WordPress platform. I believe this is going to be one of the best moves I've made.

WordPress: In times past I've been a WordPress HATER because I've felt it's beyond complicated. What you need on your website you more than likely will have to add through apps and widgets and finding the right ones for your needs can be a task within itself but... I'm in love right now.

Why the Love?: My new website is mobile friendly without actually having a mobile website which means the look and feel of it is very close to what you'll see on the desk top version. My e-commerce store has features were not available through my host of which I was paying $29.00 a month and with WordPress depending on your needs it can be very affordable and well worth the money you'll spend. I have other fellow business owners who have been using WordPress for a very long time with much success of traffic and business to their websites because of their features.

Conclusion: In my previous forum post I suggested that if you didn't want to enable or add a mobile website that you can use other platforms that are automatically mobile friendly such as Tumblr, Blogger and other sites that automatically convert your content to mobile when viewers visit from their mobile devices. This is a great way to promote your website and add back-links to your products and services so when viewers visit and click those links it can then go to your website all while your blog posts and promotions rank in search engines, especially Google.

Now my new suggestion that I would like to add; if you are looking to enhance your website features and you want to get the most out of your design and content and rank at the same time try hosting companies that have mobile friendly themes such as WordPress. These themes are not necessary mobile websites but what happens is, when a viewer visits from mobile your site automatically converts to a mobile view which is awesome! If you can find that in a host for your actual website, GO FOR IT!

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